Identification of plant pests and diseases

Identify plant pests for better action

Do your trees or perennials look bad? Have you noticed unusual spots, holes, or leaves loss? Are you seeing some insects but don’t know what they are?
We can help you identify the disease or pest that is attacking your plants.

By posing a diagnosis as soon as possible, our specialists will be able to offer you the best solutions to eradicate the problem, when possible. Some pests or diseases are not harmful to plants and patience is sometimes your best ally. In some other cases, acting fast with the right product will ensure the survival of your favorite plant.

If possible, bring us a sample of your plant in an airtight bag so that we can identify the problem and suggest the best alternative for you. Photos can also help us.

Do not wait to consult our specialists! They will help you identify the pests or diseases on your plants.

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