Adding greenery to the bathroom

We love houseplants; we put them everywhere: in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom… but do you have plants in your bathroom? Often, this room of the house is neglected by gardeners. However, it is the perfect place for plants, as they bring calm and improve air quality. Not all houseplants can thrive in the particular, often hot and humid, environment of the bathroom. Careful choices must be made to keep plants healthy and beautiful. Here are our top suggestions for adding plants to your bathroom.


Enjoys moisture and can thrive in moderate light. A little tip: the more colourful the leaves, the more light the plant needs.


The striated foliage of the calathea is beautiful and needs a lot of moisture to grow. Spray the foliage often. The humidity of the bathroom is therefore ideal for it.

Madagascar dragon tree

This slender plant is ideal for small places. It appreciates humidity, its leaves can turn brown if the air is too dry. To make sure it grows straight, give it a quarter turn every month.

Butterfly orchid

With its delicate flowers mounted on arching stems, the butterfly orchid blooms over a long period of time. Avoid soaking the roots in water, and water by drenching.


Snake plant is so versatile that it can thrive in the living room as well as the bathroom. It is an excellent depolluting plant.

Ferns and tillandsias

In addition to our suggestions, you can't go wrong with any fern variety. Ferns enjoy humid bathroom air which will even allow you to space out the foliage sprays a bit. This is a great plant for the bathroom, placed on a stand or hung up. The humid air of bathrooms is also conducive to the cultivation of tillandsias, known as air plants (which draw water and nutrients directly from the air). Give them a good bath once a week in summer and every 2-3 weeks in winter.

Don’t hesitate to green up your bathroom by choosing the right plants for this environment. Consult our in-store specialists to find the best choices for you.

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