Creating a humid environment for tropical plants

Most of the houseplants we use to decorate our homes are plants of tropical origin that live in much warmer and more humid climates in their natural state. Of course, they have adapted over time, but the environment we offer them to grow can sometimes be hostile, especially in winter when the heating dries out the air significantly. Most houseplants appreciate a humidity level of more than 50%. Many plants therefore need a little help to develop fully and healthily. Here are some tips to increase the humidity around your houseplants.

Keep your plants away from heat sources

With our harsh winters, it is necessary to heat the house to have a certain comfort; we can hardly do without it. However, heating dries out the house and pushes warm air over the plants. Be sure to place your plants at least one meter away from heat sources: radiators, air vents, furnace, etc. Be careful with your hanging plants, the heat rises, it is well known!

Add a humidifier to the room

If your plants aren’t the only ones suffering from the winter drought, you can use a commercial humidifier. This will increase the humidity level of the entire room. Be sure to maintain your unit properly to avoid mold and other problems.

Spray the foliage

In addition to regular watering, some plants like to have water sprayed on their leaves once a week. Spray the underside and tops of the leaves lightly; the water should not run off. A hygrometer, a moisture meter, can help you find the right dosage for your plants.

Growing plants on a bed of gravel or clay balls

To create a humid environment around plants without increasing the humidity of the entire room, you can create a home humidifier by growing your plants on a bed of gravel or clay pebbles. It’s simple: just place a layer of clay balls or gravel in a tray or saucer of your pots, pour a thin layer of water over it and place your pot on top. The water should never be higher than the height of the pellets so that the roots don’t get soaked. Add water as it evaporates. Evaporation is what creates the humidity that plants love.

Make the right choice

If you live in a rather dry environment and don’t want to worry about the health of your plants, it’s best to choose varieties that can tolerate this situation more easily. Turn to cacti and succulents or pothos, sansevieria and philodendrons that are not very sensitive to lack of humidity.

Cacti and succulents

For more tips and advice on how to keep your houseplants healthy all year round, don’t hesitate to come and meet our garden centre consultants who will help you choose the perfect plant for you.

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