Eco-friendly Christmas decorations

Holidays are a unique occasion to bring colour and life to a period where days are shorter, sun more absent, and cold is slowly setting in… as well as the fatigue accumulated throughout the year. The warmth of the decorated tree, the joy of young and old alike in front of the glittering, illuminated Christmas decors, the gifts patiently waiting under the tree. Nothing compares to warm hearts. But, when we think of the planet, we can sometimes raise an eyebrow. So, it’s important to ask ourselves what we can do better so that the Holidays spirit isn’t ruined by our environmental side. Here are some ideas for a more ecological Christmas.

Reuse, reduce, recycle

We can easily be tempted to change up our Christmas decor every few years. Whether it is to get into this year’s trends, adapt your decorations to your new home style, or simply to change it up, be smart when it comes to thinking about decorating your home or outdoors for the Holidays. Of course, some timeless elements can be reused every year, as long as they work. Think of the lights, certain bulbs and trees ornaments for example. If you’re able to reuse different elements of your decor, it’s always a plus for our planet. What you won’t be using anymore, unless it’s defective or dead, shouldn’t be trashed. When you’re buying new things, make sure that what you’re choosing is recyclable and think of giving away what you won’t be using. Some less fortunate families, new arrivals, young people looking to decorate their first apartment and price hunters will all be very happy to give a second life to the decorations that won’t be put up in your home.

Make the best possible choices

Many decorations consume energy, and some more than others. To reduce the ecological impact of your Christmas decorations, choose products with the Energy Star or Eco logo, they consume less than regular products. Also, make sure to choose LED lights, more durable and less energy consuming.

You can also add a timer, indoor or outdoors, so that your decorations turn on and off without you having to think about it. It’s so easy to forget! Your decorations do not need to be turned on in the middle of the night – Santa Claus will still find his way, do not worry.

Living decorations

An excellent way to decorate your home for the Holidays while staying eco-friendly is using plants that will last long after the festivities are over. Poinsettias, amaryllis, kalanchoe, cyclamens and Christmas cactus are all at their best during this period of the year, but can keep on embellishing your home way after the elves have made their way back to their winter wonderland. You could also decorate your Norfolk pine as a Christmas tree and put it back to its original state in January.

If you have succulents, they can also be easily integrated to a table center. Insert lights garlands and some ornaments, and get a customized decoration that will bring life and beauty to your shared family meals.

And, don’t forget about packaging! Not all paper is recyclable. Use your craft talents and use brown paper, old packaging or even fabric, why not! Often, you simply need to pay attention enough to find easy solutions that will make your Christmas even more festive!

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