What is plant parenting?

Having long been at the top of the list of Quebecers’ favorite pastimes, gardening has been on the decline for a few years, becoming diluted in the ever-growing offer of leisure and family activities. We are currently seeing a growing trend, especially among new consumers, the millennials: plant parenting.

What is plant parenting?

Plant parenting is simply “adopting” houseplants, taking care of them and using them to create a modern and trendy plant decor. The main difference between the new generation of consumers and lifelong gardeners is that they share their decor with their many followers: Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks are overflowing with breathtaking plant decorations and serve as inspiration for all those who want to get started in this new trendy activity: gardening!

Gardening is associated with a healthy, zen lifestyle, where we take the time to live and admire the beauty of the world. Surrounding oneself with plants makes you happy, reduces stress and anxiety levels and improves the environment, which fits perfectly with the times. According to the experts, this trend is not about to fade away, quite the contrary!

Some tips for new plant parents

When you start a new passion, it is important to experience success. There is a wide range of plants in the garden centres and the plants are beautiful. It is easy to fall in love with a plant, but be careful: the most beautiful plant will quickly lose its appeal if you do not provide it with the environment it needs.

1.Know the level of sunlight. Light is the main source of energy for plants. Make sure your windows are properly oriented for the level of sun the plant requires. If you place a plant that requires good sunlight in the shade, it will undoubtedly wither. The opposite is also true.

2.Water properly. There is often a tendency to overwater plants. Be aware that your new friend is more likely to suffer from too much water than too little. Watch for signs of thirst (read our article for full details) and educate yourself on proper watering practices for your chosen species; some plants need a complete break from watering for several weeks while others need consistency and thoroughness.

3.Choose plants that look like you. If this is your first time gardening, choose plants that are easy to care for, forgiving of a few watering oversights and able to tolerate different stresses. Easy doesn’t have to mean dull: there are many interesting plants to choose from that will allow you to develop your skills before taking the next step.

Garden centre consultants are in the best position to help you make the right choices to create a lush, sustainable urban jungle that will complement your decor beautifully. Come in for a chat and get ready to share your parent plant shots and get your followers excited!

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