Protecting your garden from birds and rodents

You have built a beautiful vegetable garden with the children so you can enjoy fresh vegetables this summer. Your beautiful garden is the pride of the whole family and you’re eagerly awaiting the appearance of the first red tomatoes and crisp lettuce leaves. But then small creatures come to the party: groundhogs, squirrels, birds and all the others have set their sights on your vegetables and have decided to help themselves to them! Here are some ideas to protect your garden from intruders.

Fences and barriers

We know that it can be difficult to fence off your garden, but you can certainly enclose the vegetable garden with a fence at least one meter high and set deep into the ground. You can also put up wire mesh or netting so that animals can’t get to the plants. You can also cover your fruit bushes with light netting to prevent birds from stealing your precious berries.

Scented plants

Some plants have strong odours that deter animals. This is the case with onions, garlic, mint and lavender. Plant them in your garden. The lemony smell is also said to be hated by rodents. Why not try lemon balm or lemon thyme? Who knows, you might make some nice culinary discoveries doing so!

Lures and repellents

If animals think your garden is already inhabited by someone else, they will go elsewhere. Spread human hair, dog hair, place a scented body wash or hang a white plastic bag that will blow to the wind to make it look like the spot is already taken.

Spraying concoctions made from pepper or hot peppers in your vegetable garden will also help protect your plants. Any animals that do venture out will not be caught twice.

You can also buy commercial repellents at garden stores or use blood meal or chicken manure. Repeat the treatment regularly as the product will be washed off by rain or watering.

Consult our in-store experts for more tips and tricks to keep animals out of your garden and most of all: good luck!

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