Tropicals: the centerpiece of your flower pots

Over the past few years, many beautiful tropical plants have been appearing outside to give a southern feel to our gardens. Bougainvillea, laurel and even palm and banana trees adorn our patios for our pleasure. How to maximize the use of tropicals in the garden? Integrate them as the centerpiece of your flower pots! Here are 5 favourite plants for your flower arrangement:

  • Canna: We love it for its beautiful flowers with warm colours, most often yellow, orange, red or pink
  • Alocasia: We recognize and appreciate them for their large majestic leaves
  • Senecio: It’s its very silvery foliage with the appearance of velvet that makes it so interesting
  • Albuca: This very special plant is distinguished by its spiral foliage which will be sure to attract the eyes
  • Colocasia: Just like alocasia, the huge leaves of a beautiful green, define this species

Complete your flowerpots with secondary plants that will support your master plant. Choose flowers with an upright habit that will fit perfectly with your tropical plant. Avoid using too much in order to maintain a certain harmony. As a finishing touch, a few plants with drooping stems, with or without flowers, placed around the container will be perfect.

Another idea to give movement to your pots if you are less of a tropical type but still want to stand out: grasses, or other evergreens. Several varieties are very suitable for pots, including:

  • Pennisetum
  • Cordyline
  • Carex
  • Dracaena

Have fun creating floral arrangements that you will love and that are sure to catch the eyes of passers-by.

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