Our top 10 easy plants

‘’Wow, how can you manage to have such beautiful plants? I’m so bad with them, even my artificial ones die!’’ The answer is simple: I choose plants that make sense with my gardening level and what I have to offer. Everyone can have a beautiful inside jungle, you just need to make good choices and to not go crazy for a love at first sight plant that risks dying at the same time as your hopes of becoming an indoor plants expert.

If you’re not an experienced gardener, or that your house does not offer ideal conditions in terms of light, here are 10 robust, easy to care for and beautiful plants that will allow you some success and teach you how to love gardening.

Chlorophytum or spider plant

The spider plant is an all-purpose plant that can tolerate almost anything, even a very low amount of light. With its beautiful arching green or variegated leaves, it’s ideal hanging, but works just as well on furniture. The roots can sometimes become really dense in their pot, so it’s more effective to water it by basin when its soil becomes dry. If the leaf tips dry out, simply cut it and spray with water to increase the ambient activity.

Sansevieria or snake plant

It’s the shape of its leaves that gives the snake plant name to sansevieria. Straight and pointed, they rise up high from the ground and may sometimes need to be held up by a stake to keep them supported. It’s immortal: you can forget to water it or water it too much, give it very low light or too much, and even let it stand a few air draughts with no problem. It’s a tough cookie that we love!

Zamioculcas or ZZ plant

Zamioculcas is another immortal. With its beautiful slender habit and intertwined stems, it is ideal for any room in your house, from the ones that get the most light to those who get the most shade. This plant would rather receive no water than too much. If the soil isn’t dry to at least half its height, wait. It is an ideal plant for travelers that are often gone, since it can tolerate long periods of time without being watered.


A classic that never goes out of style! Pothos is a resilient, beautifully coloured plant that brings light to any environment. Its long stems covered with heart shaped leaves, all green or marbled with different shades, pothos is the perfect hanging plant. It can tolerate dry hair and partial light.

Dracaena fragrans

If you love exotism, dracaena fragrans or fragrant dragon tree is made for you. Its beautiful striped leaves emerge from a tall trunk, making this plant perfect to dress an empty corner of your house, especially if it’s well lit. Let the soil dry in between waterings, and do not worry if the lower leaves turn yellow and fall: it’s normal.


Do you have a strong tendency to forget watering your plants? Then you need the philodendron. It will forgive your forgetfulness without causing a scene. Its long stems can grow almost indefinitely. To branch out, pinch the end of stems. You’ll love it so much you’ll want to have more of it… which is excellent considering it is as easy to cut as it’s easy to care for.

The haworthia

This magnificent small succulent requires very little care. Its pointed stems may seem prickly, but they’re not! Since it rarely grows above 15 cm, and its roots are fairly shallow, you can plant it in different planters: mugs, tins and the like. It also works well in a terrarium. Let the soil deeply dries before watering to prevent rotting.

Crassula or jade tree

No matter what its name says, the jade tree is not a tree. It is a succulent that is easy to grow, and can live very long. Make sure to grow it in a heavy planter that can support the weight of its branches, and to place it in a low-traffic area of your house, because the stems may break easily. In good conditions, the jade tree can even flourish in winter! Let dry slightly between waterings.

Monstera deliciosa

With its huge, naturally perforated, glossy leaves, monstera deliciosa is certainly a hit with decorators these days. It’s an easy to care for plant, that is mostly sensitive to excess watering. Let the soil dry between waterings, but if possible, spray the foliage with water to increase humidity – it’ll appreciate it.

Aspidistra or iron plant

Aspidistra is an easy plant that can tolerate the worst of conditions. We call it the iron plant, or wine merchant plant, because it could tolerate even the very low lighting of wine cellars. We wouldn’t go there, but it can definitely tolerate places with a lot of shade, even if it would grow best somewhere with medium light. Let it dry between waterings, it does not do well with roots constantly in water.
Ask your garden center advisor to know which plant is best for your situation and gardening experience. There is almost always a plant out there for anyone and any room!

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